Curious and fun loving Japanese free phone porn Chin male puppy

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We purchased our four month old female Border Collie mix  from the Animal Psychology Center in Rapid City, SD four weeks ago.  A beautiful short haired black dog with accents of white ,she draws attention.  She was the age and breed of dog we were looking for and I was attracted to her right away although she seemed just too shy.   When we got mobile porn apps her home we could get little response from her the first few days .  We were glad that the owner said we could have some time with her and could return if we were not satisfied and I was thinking at that time we would be returning her.
However, when she met grandchildren and other dogs she seemed to perk up.  From that day on and more so every day my husband and I both feel we got a real “FIND”.  Personality plus, intelligent, and faithful, she is already.  We knew collies like best mobile porn to run and need exercise so were happy when we could let her out in our partially fenced in back yard.  She obeys our commands, never running off.   I have her jumping over a high jump in back yard already and I can’t wait until I can take her to classes, especially the agility!!!
She is content when in a large kennel in the back yard.  We are especially mobile phone porn relieved that she seldom barks.  Inside she stays off all carpet as she wanders throughout the house.
We feel the surroundings she had where we purchased her had to have a lot to do with making her into the dog she is.  Because she recognized the name Collie which they used, we porn apps iphone kept that name.
Collie loves riding in the car, stays on her mat on the seat enjoying iphone porn her view from the window as I drive, enjoying viewing her.  We are both smiling and content about the entire situation!!!

Teddy Bear puppy – female

Here is a picture of our latest litter of Teddy Bear pups. The mother is a Shih Tzu and the father is a  Japanese Chin.  They are low-shedding. These puppies have found homes but we will have more Teddy Bear puppies.  Call 605-390-7295 mobile porn clips for details.



Curious and fun loving Japanese Chin male puppy

Adopt Me!!! mobile porn tube Japanese Chin puppies available for adoption.  His mother only weighs 5  pounds and his dad weighs 10 pounds. Both his mom and his dad are used as therapy dogs. He will be a mild mannered dog and will NOT be barky. Adoption fee is $495.00 each.



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