It’s All About Animals

For Katherine Andrews, an early love of animals developed into lifetime career and commitment.  In addition to providing training and animal communication services, Katherine has been involved for years with animal rescue and rehabilitation.

One of her proudest achievements is the founding of the Humane Society of Denton and Tarrant Counties in Texas, an organization still in operation as a satellite of the Ft. Worth mainphoto1Humane Society.  Katherine built a 5,000 sq.ft. facility on 10 acres of donated land that accommodated dogs, cats and other domestic animals, as well as livestock and big cats.  She intervened in cruelty and neglect cases, rescuing many animals from painful and life threatening situations.  Her programs to rehabilitate homeless animals, and prepare them for success in their new homes, increased adoption rates and reduced return and euthanization rates.

Now a Rapid City and Philip, SD resident, she has helped to establish some of the same programs for the local Black Hills Humane Society. She also provides services to private clients, helping with all kinds of animal behavior issues.

Katherine uses natural, non-verbal communication techniques to help modify animal behavior and improve human/animal communication.  She teaches not only the animal but the human, helping both to achieve a happier and more harmonious relationship, deepening love and affinity between pet and person.

My Philosophy

If I say I’m a “dog trainer” it’s easily understood, but a poor explanation of what I do. If I tell people I’m an animal communicator and behaviorist, they look at me quizzically, but it’s a better description. Communication is the foundation of what I do. Communicating with animals, communicating with humans, and getting them to communicate with one another.

Once you achieve a state of communication, all other aspects of training or behavior modification flow naturally from that. Think of it this way: You can shout words all day into a telephone receiver. Until there’s a phone line connecting it to that second receiver, no communication takes place. My first goal with the animals and people I work with is to help that connection occur.

In nature, many animals live in social communities where there are specific rules and roles. Knowing more about how our animals are hard-wired to function in nature helps us understand, and then remedy, the behavior issues that occur when an animal tries to navigate a human environment with the tools and mindset Mother Nature gave them to use in the wild.

It’s a real testament to the intelligence and good-heartedness of our pets that they’ve been able to adapt so well and bond with us so willingly. Open up better communication with your pet and you’ll find the relationship becomes really simple . . . and really good.