Animal Psychology Services

Animal Psychology Center in Philip, South Dakota, provides animal behavioral services. When it comes to behavioral issues of dogs, I train, rehabilitate, and address them. My home base (where the Animal Psychology Center is located) is in Philip (about 75 minutes east of Rapid City). I come to Rapid City often to work with clients and their pets. I make house calls (much like Ceasar Milar on the Nat GEO channel) and teach both individual and group classes.

An explanation of “dog pack” behavioral techniques

Katherine has practiced natural “dog pack” behavior techniques for years, well before they became popularized by celebrity trainers like Cesar Millan or Tamar Geller.
She is overjoyed to see these humane and effective techniques moving into mainstream pet training practices.

So what is “dog pack” training? Simply put, it’s about the dog’s natural desire to subordinate to the pack leader. Your dog’s pack is your family and if YOU have established yourself as the ‘alpha’ of that pack, then things are probably going pretty well. If not, then the dog will challenge your authority, treat you like an equal or, worse yet, consider himself to be the pack member in charge of things.

Understanding how your dog views his role in your family pack, and how to establish yourself as the undisputed pack leader, will result in a happier, more secure, and better behaved dog.

Dog Issues I Can Help With:

• Chewing
• Barking
• Destructive and Aggressive
• Separation Anxiety
• Marking or Urination
• Food Aggression
• Withdrawal
• Obedience Training
• Problems between Family Pets

Cat Issues I Can Solve:

• Anxiety or Fear
• Marking or Urination
• Biting or Aggression
• Problems between Family Pets

Puppy Training

It is important to train and socialize your puppy the moment your puppy comes into the house. I work with clients to establish rules and boundries, discourage playful biting, housebreaking, and beginning obedience. We create a schedule for age appropriate training and social skills.

Puppy training will make sure dogs have a healthy and working relationship with other pets, children, and new babies.

Home Visit Package

For dog having behavioral issues I can do a home evaluation with the dog and everyone in the household present.  Prices range between $450 and $650, and are adjustable to how many dogs and people in the household as well as the amount of work that needs to be done. This package involves an evaluation of the dog having issues, a diagnosis, a working treatment plan and several other visits. Our goal here is to have a dog that can be trusted in any social situation. Basic and advanced obedience is also taught in this package.

Park Package

A Puppy session is training a puppy in manners, leadership, communication, social skills, and more. These are done at the Wilson Park in Rapid City and costs $150.


Massage and Therapy

Various massage treatments and therapies are offered to animals. You can choose from Reiki, holistic healing, and treatment with flower essences. While I am not a veterinarian, I have worked with many vets and can often identify when health issues are contributing to behavioral problems.

Doggie Day Care/Boarding & Grooming
Katherine has a limited amount of boarding in Philip for established clients. She also provides grooming services in Philip.