Canine Good Citizen / Group Sessions

This is a workshop done on three consecutive Saturdays. One session is in May and the other is in September. Times are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I provide basic obedience, advanced obedience and social skill training to both the dogs and owners. Through teaching and various activities, the owner learns how the dog thinks there by greatly enhancing the communication and the relationship between the dog and owner. Each owner and their dog is evaluated and a working plan is designed for each individual team. We also work on and address any problems you may be experiencing with your dog . Every owner works not just with their dog, but every dog in the class. The benefit of this is the is the dog’s social skills are enhanced and the owners become” mini-dog whisperers”. Every dog has something to teach you about your leadership skills.  This class is a lot of fun! The dogs provide an element of comedy since they are very good at “mirroring ” us. The price for the class is $90 for 1 dog and 1 person.

To find out the dates of the next class and sign up, go online to (Career Learning Center of the Black Hills) The class is called “Fixing Fido”.

Note: This class is required if your dog is in training for service or therapy work.