Katherine has puppies available every year. All of her breeding dogs are Therapy Dogs. That is why they are excellent candidates for service or therapy work. It Is in their genetics! They lend themselves easily to this type of work an are generally a dream to train.

In any given litter of puppies, one or two will be chosen for service work. The others puppies will go to pet homes. What this means to you as a pet owner is that you are getting an excellent temperament. The three priorities  that I adhere to when breeding are: Temperament (the most important), genetic health and what I call “the cute factor”.

In my profession of being a “dog whisperer” I see all the bad breeding and resulting bad temperaments. It is heart breaking to raise a dog from a puppy and then have to experience a family member being bitten or a friend hurt by your dog.  My dog’s temperaments are the best that there is in the dog world.

Puppies are available on occasion from the following breeds:

  • Miniature English Bulldog
  • Miniature Golden Retriever
  •  Miniature GoodenDoodle
  • Shih Tzu
  • Japanese Chin
  • Pug

Miniature English Bulldogs

Shih Tzu

Japanese Chin

Miniature Golden Retriever