Animal Psychology Center in Philip and Rapid City, South Dakota, provides service dogs to those who are emotionally and/or  physically disabled. I help provide the right dog for you, then create and build a relationship with them that is based on team work and trust. In this way, your leadership skills are developed and you build confidence.

In the course of training you and your dog, we will cover basic and advanced obedience, social skills, group class and public access work (navigating public places). Specific training is also done for your disability. Examples of this would be diabetic alert , seizure/panic alert, balance/stability  issues, PTSD , Hearing/sight issues and many others.


There are three ways you can obtain a service dog.

First ,give  me a call, so I can evaluate and see if your current dog can be trained for service. Second, if you want a service dog but don’t want to raise a puppy, I can interview and gather information on your disabilities and needs, then find an adult dog that suits your needs. I need to know what breeds you like. This is similar to matchmaking where we get the right  dog for you. Third is getting a puppy from my breeding program or other breeders that I work with. These puppies are specifically bred for service work and make great candidates.

Some of our graduate service dogs and their owners

Kora, a great dane was trained to be a therapy dog

Black Hills Disability Awareness Day

This is Katherine in Rapid City with a couple of service dogs that she is training at the Black Hills Disability Awareness Day.