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Service Dogs

A suitably matched and well-trained service dog can make your life easier.
• These dogs will be going through intense training over the course of 12-18 months to become Service Dogs.
• You are welcome to come and meet any of our young service dogs in training and possibly reserve one for yourself.
• Contact Katherine Andrews ( for more details at 605.390.7295!

Recent Service Dog Graduates!

  • Priscilla & Boys
    Jackie & Peaches
  • Athena
  • Andrea & Ruby
    Andrea & Ruby
  • Claudia & Zelda
    Claudia & Zelda
  • Heath & Maddie
    Heath & Maddie
  • Mato & Daisy
    Mato & Daisy
  • Jackie & Peaches
    Jackie & Peaches

Athena Trained as an Emotional Support Dog
"Athena celebrated her 1yr of absolute shenanigans! This girl is absolutely the most perfect goof ball and is thriving in her best life! She has awards for most dramatic zoomies and has fell in love with her home made human grade dog foods. She's thick as thieves with the other two and now cannot sleep without her stuffed animals and dog piles. We wanted to let you know this girl has made strides! She now begs to go bye bye and be out and about in public!

She is gentle and patient as we are with her. She has an emotional support dog (her sister violet) and both are so close. She goes on many adventures and has become a great emotional support dog (especially during our daughter's spinal surgery). I just wanted to let you know she is doing well and has become the biggest goof ball lover bucket."
Athena was trained as an emotional support dog, ESA.

"...I got to witness him task her anxiety on his own before she had to get a shot and it was just so amazing to watch!! He was under the chair and he popped his head out and you could literally see in his face that he knew something was going on. He came out from under and put his head under her arm and then put his upper body on her lap for deep pressure. It was incredible!! I don't know how he knew or how they can do that because he couldn't see or feel her! Just senses a smell or something?

Katherine, watching him task is just so incredibly amazing. Not long before this picture he got up and did deep pressure. Just so in love!

And you can tell it's not a hey I need attention or play with me kind of get in her lap if that makes sense..."

This is Mato Abrouszk and his new service dog Daisy Jane. When he falls, he says "Help" and she stands strong so he can get up. Stairs are hard for Mato and Daisy helps him.

They just got matched up and she is already helping him with balance and stability.
A match made in heaven!!

Mato is going to be a filmmaker and Daisy Jane is going to help make that happen. We are so proud of her!

She came to us as a puppy and it was hard to see her go but we are very grateful that she will play an important role in someone's life!

In 25 years of doing this work, I'm still in awe of these dogs and what they can do.

Brony Mae Rama and her groom Abdel planned to get married in Florida, where their families live. Problem was, they lived in South Dakota and Mae had intense anxiety about flying. Enter Animal Psychology Center.

Mae had her dog Brony certified by Katherine as a service dog so Brony would be allowed to accompany her on the plane to her wedding and assist with her anxiety.

A service dog trained for PTSD and panic attacks will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and body chemistry to be able to circumvent panic attacks or night terrors.

On a day-to-day basis, Mae now brings Brony to work with her to help with her anxiety. He keeps her in a balanced state of mind so she never elevates to a full blown panic attack.

Having Brony as her service dog has improved Mae’s quality of life. Also, because of Brony and the training he received from Animal Psychology Center, Mae was able to focus all of her energy into having the most special wedding possible, rather than her anxiety.


Personal Protection Dogs

Animal Psychology Center in Philip and Rapid City, South Dakota, provides service dogs to those who are emotionally and/or physically disabled. I help provide the right dog for you, then create and build a relationship with them that is based on team work and trust. In this way, your leadership skills are developed and you build confidence.

In the course of training you and your dog, we will cover basic and advanced obedience, social skills, group class and public access work (navigating public places). Specific training is also done for your disability. Examples of this would be diabetic alert, seizure/panic alert, balance/stability issues, PTSD, Hearing/sight issues and many others.

There are three ways you can obtain a service dog:

- First, give me a call, so I can evaluate and see if your current dog can be trained for service.

- Second, if you want a service dog but don’t want to raise a puppy, I can interview and gather information on your disabilities and needs, then find an adult dog that suits your needs. I need to know what breeds you like. This is similar to matchmaking where we get the right  dog for you.

- Third is getting a puppy from my breeding program or other breeders that I work with. These puppies are specifically bred for service work and make great candidates.

What is a Service Animal and what are its characteristics?

  1. A dog according to titles II and III of the ADA, except for miniature horses under specific guidelines and conditions.
  2. A dog individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.
  3. Not a pet.
  4. Allowed to accompany people with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go.
  5. Harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless these items interfere with their work.
  6. Under control at all times.
  7. Shows no aggression toward people or other animals.
  8. Ignores all other stimuli except those trained to trigger a response.

Service animals are valuable tools to the disabled. They provide liberty, mobility, healthcare, and companionship to people struggling to live each day in a society which only accepts "norms."

Please respect the hard work and integrity of the service animal and his or her handler. If you want to have one, put time and hard work into training one.

Black Hills Disability Awareness Day

Some of Our Graduate Service Dogs & Their Owners

Ann Garvey - Service Dog Dakota

Ann Garvey - Service Dog Dakota

Jackie and Peaches, she is going to be a therapy dog in school for children.

Jackie and Peaches, she is going to be a therapy dog in school for children.

Young boy with his service dog, a Shih Tzu, from my breeding program.

Young boy with his service dog, a Shih Tzu, from my breeding program.

Mato and Daisy Jane, she will help Mato with balance and stability.

Mato and Daisy Jane, she will help Mato with balance and stability.

More love from the therapy dog Brutus at the Black Hills Workshop.

More love from the therapy dog Brutus at the Black Hills Workshop.

Valerie and service dog Bella.

Valerie and service dog Bella.

Kora, a great dane was trained to be a therapy dog.

Kora, a great dane was trained to be a therapy dog.

Girl with a Service Dog

Girl with a Service Dog

  • Katherine Andrews

    Katherine Andrews

    Animal Behaviorist
    Animal Psychology Center in Philip, South Dakota, is a pet psychology center owned by animal behaviorist and trainer, Katherine Andrews. Services and training are available in Rapid City, SD, and many desperate owners have traveled in from other states for her specialized expertise.

    My passion is to train and rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues. Some even call me a "dog whisperer" thanks to my ability to work through particularly tough behavior problems and help with aggressive dogs, even when other trainers have failed and owners have nearly given up.

    Through my early love for animals, I developed it into a lifetime career and commitment. Backed with 20 years of animal training experience, I take pride in making life better for people and pets through my animal psychology services.


    - Head Trainer for Paws Humane Society in Pierre, SD
    - Head Trainer for Lane Logan Memorial Foundation
    - Better Business Bureau Rating A+

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We are Hiring!

Full time and Part time position. Work housing options.

Daily Duties:
  • Cleaning Kennels and Yards
  • Cleaning Center
  • Monitoring Dogs
  • Grooming
  • Walking Dogs

Opportunity to move up: Advance in Dog Training, put in hours while working to get certified. Dog Training will be considered after being on the job for awhile.

Location: Philip, SD

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